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Happy 2nd Birthday Mareto!!

My sweet Mareto boy is a TWO YEAR OLD today!! I can’t believe it! Time has gone by so incredibly fast. It feels like we were just bringing him home as a tiny little 4 month old and now it’s an extremely tall and very active toddler. Wow. This past year has been quite the roller coaster for our little guy. We’ve all been through quite a bit, but Mareto has been unshakable through it all. He is such a trooper – taking all that comes at home with a sweet spirit and a tender soul.

Mareto is one of the sweetest little boys I’ve ever met. He loves BIG. John took him to the church nursery on Sunday and stayed in with him so I could go to the service. Later that day all the nursery workers couldn’t wait to tell me that Mareto went around trying to kiss all the children and gave them pats on the back. He’s such a friendly little guy! He hugs and kisses us all the time and he’s a huge snuggler. He loves to smile and laugh and is delighted by the smallest things.

Mareto you are an amazing little boy and I can’t believe God chose us to be your parents. I know it’s the greatest honor we’ve been given. You bring us more joy than I ever could have believed and I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without you in it… much less sunshine that’s for sure! We love you unconditionally forever and ever!

We had a great time celebrating our Mareto! On Saturday we had the grandparents and my sister over for a little dinner celebration. (all the other aunts and uncles live out of town or were out on business or already had plans that couldn’t be changed… we missed you all but know you were thinking of us!):)It was a Curious George themed party and we had so much FUN!!

Pap and Grandma brought a brand new tampoline!!

we had lots of yummy food!

and banana splits! mmm mmm

sweetest face ever


singing happy birthday and waiting for ice cream!

digging in!


daddy spraying whipped cream straight into his mouth…

and of course he loves it!

…and then he got his hands on the can himself… haha

so thankful for daddy

family pictures time…

Daddy and Mama had a special birthday present for Mareto that he got to enjoy last night… tickets to Veggie Tales LIVE!! We had so much fun! We were worried about all the noise and people. When the show first started we did have a little trouble. All the kids started cheering really loud and Mareto lost it. I had to run out the door with him for a few minutes. But then we took him back in and Bob and Larry came out to sing the Veggie Tales theme song and he was very interested. It took a good 10 -15 minutes for him to really start enjoying it. At first he just stood on his seat with a death grip around my neck and his little heart was pounding. But then he slowly moved to our lap … to his own seat… and finally to the floor where he danced like a crazy person the rest of the night. It was hilarious!! I’m so glad we took him!

safe in daddy’s lap

venturing onto the floor but still nervous (he chewed his collar off and on all night when he got overwhelmed because mama forgot his chew tube. woops)

holding his larry toy!

playing with Larry and Bob during intermission

“are they back yet?”

such a fun night!!

Happy Birthday Mareto!! We love you oh so very very much!!!!!

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