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Huge Handmade giveaway!

******Giveaway now closed… congratulations to Sarah R.!!! *******


This will be my very last “baskets of love” giveaway for the adoption of our sweet Arsema girl. I’ve been wanting to do a handmade giveaway for awhile and I came up with a list of some of my absolute favorite things to include. I am so excited by all the amazingness that one person will win! Yes ONE person will win ALL of the goodies here — and there’s about $300 of incredible handmade products to win!

Just a reminder on the details: How to enter? Just make a donation of $5 towards our  adoption. For every $5 we will put your name on the list…. so, $10 will put your name on twice… $25 five times… and so forth. There’s NO LIMIT to how many entries you can get so if you really want to donate $1,000 then we will enter you 200 times! Simple right? Read all the way to the bottom to see how you can get an extra entry too!

Our goal? We are setting a crazy high goal this time… $4,500. That’s how much we need to be able to get on a plane and go get our girl as soon as they say it’s time. When will that be? It would be as soon as 2 weeks (!!!) or it could be another 4-6 weeks. But since it very well could be just a couple weeks away we need to raise this money asap!! So please please please help us spread the word – share this post on your blog… on facebook… on twitter… through email… any way you can!

Okay now for the good stuff: the winnings! Here’s what one lucky person will get to bring home…

I love Gussy! She’s such an inspiration and her story is incredible. And her products… amazing! I have 2 Gussy bags and 2 Gussy medium zipped pouches. My current tote/diaper bag is that lovely one on the left. She also has a heart for giving to others and has a special line of pouches that are made from fabric she purchased on her trip to Tanzania — all profit from these pouches go to sponsoring a child through compassion! Check out her shop and her blog!

Lisa Leonard is another inspiring designer. She’s a mom who makes gorgeous hand stamped jewelry that are so meaningful and personalized just for you! I have one of Lisa’s necklaces and I adore it. It says “wonderfully made” and has 2 charms – one with an “M” for my Mareto and another with an “A” for my Arsema. It reminds me that no matter their differences and special needs – they are wonderfully made just as they are. Lisa has a special needs son so I love knowing that she gets it. Check out her shop and her blog.

Jennifer is the creator of Dear Lillie and she is incredible! She has two of the most beautiful daughters ever and has impeccable taste. She also has a huge heart and has encouraged me in our adoption journey and been a great support. I love that her business incorporates so much of her family and her designs are truly gorgeous. I have one of her fairyland thermals and it’s so comfy and fits wonderfully! Check out her shop and blog.

I absolutely love these return address stamps! They are so unique and beautiful… and how convenient! This will come in super handy when Christmas card season rolls around. It’s a lovely and creative alternative to those stick on address labels. You can choose from any of the designs (script design is pictured above) she offers for your own custom made return address stamp! Check out your options at the shop.

Katie Daisy might be one of the most creative ladies ever! Her art is simply gorgeous. I love the colors and the carefree feeling of everything she creates. You can choose any 11×14 print from her shop OR any 3 note cards. There are so many choices that you can spend tons of time going through them all. Check out her shop to drool over everything!

FashionABLE is an amazing non profit organization that is committed to helping at risk women in Africa. Their head quarters is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (which just so happens to be where my sweet girl is living right now). They have partnered with an organization to rehabilitate former prostitutes. These women are rescued from the streets and counseled and offered another option (many for the first time in their lives). They are taught a new skill and are able to make income to live and provide for themselves and their families. They are the makers of these beautiful scarves… they are beautiful, brave, and inspiring. This particular scarf is named after Etanesh… a brave soul with a heartbreaking story but one now full of hope. You can choose any color you’d like. Check out your options at the shop and read the blog.

Fran is the beautiful designer of this creative subway art. She is wonderful friend and has been a encouragement and inspiration to me over the years. Her story is one worth reading. She puts a lot of heart into each of her designs and she is incredibly talented. I’m giving away a set of 4 of her fantastic subway art canvases. You can choose any of the word options that she has available on her site. Please check out her shop and be sure to read her blog!

Okay so this last one isn’t handmade… but come one, who doesn’t love anthropologie? The only item of clothing I’ve ever owned from them was second hand. A girl can dream though! Because I love their merchandise SO much I decided to include a $50 gift certificate to close out the giveaway. How cute are those orange polka dot curtains? Like I said… a girl can dream. So head on over to do some dreaming yourself at their site.

And that’s it!! An incredible assortment of goodies if I do say so myself. Since we need to raise the $4,500 as fast as possible this giveaway will only run for 2 weeks – it will end midnight eastern time on October 7th and I’ll select the winner via random generator and announce it on Monday, October 8st! So hurry hurry and enter now! And remember that this is a win-win situation… even if you don’t win the giveaway you’ve still helped us bring our daughter home and that’s the biggest win of all!

After you donate…… post something about this on twitter, facebook ,or your blog (better yet – all 3!) and we’ll add your name again to the list. Just be sure to leave a comment with the link to your post about it!

If you wish for your name to be put on the list for the basket drawing without donating to our adoption just email me at for how to do that.

If you would like to send a check just email me.
*actual basket not included

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