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A Marvelous Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Ours was simply fantastic!! Mareto was just a little guy last year so we took it easy – stayed home – and went to bed early. But not this year, oh no, this year we went all out and headed up to Colonial Williamsburg for the big celebration!

We took the scenic route so we could avoid traffic and enjoy a ferry ride…


When we got to Williamsburg it was HOT so the first thing we did was walk to Baskin&Robbins for a double scoop of mint chocolate chip.mmmm.

Then we walked down to the historic part and watched the United States Air Force Band play behind the old courthouse. It was awesome and Mareto absolutely loved it. He was dancing all over the place!

We walked around a little more, got some lemonade and ate a sandwich and then settled in to watch the Virginia Symphony play on the Governer’s Palace Green. WOW. It was so beautiful and fun to see our friend Mike playing the cello. Mareto loved the symphony as much as he loved the band and kept waving his arms to try to be the conductor. So cute!

Then came the part we weren’t so sure about… fireworks. Mareto is notorious for not liking big sounds and lots of noise. We were hoping that the pretty lights in the sky would be enough distraction for him that the noise wouldn’t bother him. It was also really late and he didn’t take a nap. Meltdown potential was HIGH. But our little guy absolutely LOVED the fireworks! His reaction was hilarious! First he said, “WOW!” and then he kept pointing, and then he started squealing and laughing and then he said, “BOOM!” over and over and THEN he reached over and grabbed John’s neck and hugged him while laughing over and over and over! haha It was so sweet! He was so happy and delighted and excited and he just didn’t know what to do with himself!

And then it was time to go home. Traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as we expected. We weren’t in the car 20 minutes before Mareto was passed out. When we carried him inside to change him for bed he fell back asleep while I was changing his diaper! haha So we got his pj’s on while he slept and plopped him in bed and then collapsed into our own bed.

It was a wonderful day and we’re so thankful we got to experience it together just our little family!!

Couple of news items:

1. We were submitted to court on Tuesday!!! SO we should hear back about a court date any time now… hoping to hear tomorrow but most likely we’ll know next week.

2. I have re-opened my blog design business with a few changes! Check it out by clicking the links in my top menu!

3. We’re getting really close to being fully funded!! Please consider helping by clicking HERE!

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