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More good news and GIVEAWAY!

This week just keeps getting better!!!!

This evening we heard back from the grant organization we applied to last month!! We have been awarded a grant!!! They awarded us enough to cover our new agency fees and half our referral fees!!!! With what we’ve raised so far this week that leaves us with….

$3,500 left to raise to cover our baby girl’s referral!!!

All that’s left to raise after that is travel expenses (to the tune of $10,000.) But still! We are just in AWE!

So here’s the goal — let’s raise that $3,500 by TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT! Let’s just knock it out of the park! We have an awesome giveaway going on right now! A $5 donation gets you one entry into the giveaway! Give if you can, spread the word to all your friends, share the link on all your social media sites, and lets get our girl HOME!!!

CLICK HERE to check out all the items that ONE person will win! Enter by clicking that donate button in the sidebar — and don’t forget to share on fb, blogs, and twitter!!

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