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I took an unintentional little vacation for the last couple weeks! I really didn’t mean to disappear but life got a bit busy and I found I didn’t have much to say so I just didn’t blog. Oh well.

I’ve been having a little fun on pinterest and thinking about our adoption and the next little love who will join our family. The plan is to have our two littles share a bedroom. If we have another boy we’ll just add a bed and viola! Mission accomplished! Buuuut… if we have a girl then I’ll want to adjust things a bit to make it work for the both of them. I’ve found adorable and fairly gender neutral pictures…

(I think this one is just perfect for a boy and girl together. Crib, toddler bed, rocker… what else do you need?)

(This one is so bright and cheerful! I wouldn’t have quite so much pink though.)

(This one is my favorite! I love the vintage feel, the letters on the wall, and the little shelf. I think the rug is a bit busy for my taste but otherwise it’s perfect!)

So of course all these pictures made me think of little girls and I got sucked into the pictures of ruffles, curls, and frills. Oh my but there’s some adorable stuff out there for little ladies! A couple of my favorites…

(ummm really – what’s NOT fantastic about this?)

(clearly I’m having a thing for yellow right now… that bow is the cutest thing ever!)

(swoooon! If we have a little girl I would fall over in delight if her hair did this! SO precious!)

Now don’t get the wrong idea – I still think little boys are completely amazing and I would be equally thrilled if we have a boy next too. Mareto has taught me just how marvelous it is to be mama to a son. This evening he was sitting on the couch after a long day of hard play… covered in dirt and dust, hot and sticky all over, sweaty and nose running everywhere… I fell even more in love with him. He’s all boy and all wonderful!

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