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Miscellany Monday Memorial Day

1. John and I are making a more conscience effort to eat healthier. We used to have an extremely healthy diet… then he became a youth pastor. Working with teens gave us a fairly steady diet of pizza, ice cream, chips, and lots of junk. I started to notice it was making me feel pretty sluggish and just blah. So we’re back to our healthy eating ways. I forgot how much FUN it is to have a good diet. I love planning our meals, buying fresh ingredients, and making everything from scratch. Smoothies are a big deal in our house. I usually have one for breakfast. This one was lunch though…

(just some frozen strawberries, frozen mango, 1/2 banana, splash of 100% apple juice, and a few kale leaves.)

Sometimes John can’t eat dinner with us because he has to run out the door to a church event or Bible Study with the guys. So one night last week I made him this smoothie to take with him – full of protein and super yummy!

(giant scoop all natural organic peanut butter, giant scoop of plain greek yogurt, one banana, few ice cubes)

2. We’ve been having lots of fun at one of our local parks lately. We just started taking Mareto to this park a few weeks ago. We usually go to our small neighborhood park which only has a few children at any given time. We’d been avoiding this larger park because Mareto gets nervous around lots of people and we thought it might be overwhelming for him. But once we felt he was ready we took him and he loooooves it.

3. I love that my boy loves to snuggle so much. Physical affection is my #1 love language and I am a snuggle addict. I think I’ve trained Mareto to feel the same. ; )

4. This picture might win my favorite picture of the year award. I love my two men and I love how much they love each other. They are best buds for sure.

5. Those eyelashes. Oh my. Could he be more beautiful? I think not.

6. We had lots of Memorial Day fun at Pap and Grandma’s. Daddy caught a frog! Aunt Amber was there to help keep it from jumping away. I love how Mareto and John’s foreheads are touching and they are so into their discovery! Adorable!

Hope you all had a restful and relaxing Memorial Day. I couldn’t help but think as we enjoyed our church picnic, nap, and time with family that this is exactly what so many men and women died for. Our freedom to love our families and live in peace. As we exercised those privileges today I kept those we’ve lost not far from my heart. In particular my good friend from High School, Mike Johnson, who gave his life in Afghanistan in Sept 2009. Thank you Mike… truly. 

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