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Giveaway Blitz!!! Dossier time!!

So guess what? We have a completed dossier in our hands!!!! YES! The state turned around our paperwork in 5 business days! We’ve got a stack of paperwork with beautiful seals on each and every document. The only thing we need to submit it to our agency? $700. Yup. That’s all that’s left to raise for this payment! Who wants to participate in a weekend blitz of fundraising? I sure would love to be able to mail our dossier off on Monday morning!:)Here we go – this will be fast and furious… ends midnight on Sunday!!

****Giveaway now CLOSED****

Just like the other baskets, the deal is this: donate $5 and get one entry… donate $10 and get 2 entries… simple, right? Read all the way to the bottom of the post to see how you can get an extra free entry!


The goods…

This is one truly amazing bundle of goodies! You’ve got a big tub of sea salt scrub, a tub of peppermint foot scrub and a tub of peppermint foot cream (get those heels in sandal wearing condition!), 2 tubs of ginger citrus body butter, one tube of body whip, a tube of herbal hand cream and a tube of herbal foot cream, and three amazing lotions: awaken, reactive, and unwind.:)

These headband is super classy and would dress up jeans and a blouse or look amazing with a little black dress!

These earring just pop!! Add a bit of color and fun to your spring outfits!

This picture simply doesn’t do this necklace any justice at all. I took several pictures and none of them showed the truly beauty of this piece of jewelry. It is stunning. It hurts me a little to not be able to have it for myself. ; )

This is the mother load! Any sentiment you could possibly think of – there’s a card for it in this package! These are gorgeous and handmade with love!

Do you have a little diva in you? This is for you! Funny “blah” notepad and chic eye covers in green and pink!

So there you have it! This will be fast and furious! The giveaway will stay open until 12am Sunday night, at which point we will *hopefully* have raised $700 and be able to mail out our dossier on Monday!! Next step will be receiving our number!! Eeek! So excited!!

Want to get an extra entry? After you donate…… post something about this on twitter, facebook ,or your blog (better yet – all 3!) and we’ll add your name again to the list. Just be sure to leave a comment with the link to your post about it!

If you wish for your name to be put on the list for the basket drawing without donating to our adoption just email me at for how to do that.
If you would like to send a check just email me.
*actual basket not included





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