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I love pinterest. I really really do. I know there’s been some buzz around the internet world about their unfair terms of service. That honestly caused me to consider closing my account with them. But I have good news! Pinterest is changing their terms of service and after reading through the changes I feel like I can keep my account in good conscience. Yay. I get some great inspiration there — my latest favs…

  1. I love this hall closet turned adorable entry way! You can see the whole transformation here. I would love to do this with our hall closet. I just need to find the time and a creatively inexpensive way to do it!
  2. This scripture scraps idea is genius!! I love the idea and the scrapbook feel of it is right up my ally. I can’t wait to brainstorm and make my own! Mareto will love it! Thanks Carissa!
  3. I keep seeing this dress tutorial in different pins. Every time I see someones version of it I think to myself how easy it looks and how much I love the style. I think it’s time I just go ahead and make my own! Lindsey’s version is especially cute!
  4. John and I have been talking about the room situation in our house. We are so blessed to have 3 bedrooms – ours, Mareto’s, and an office. Since we don’t know whether this next baby is a boy or a girl yet we have been thinking of different options. I assumed if baby #2 is a girl that we’ll just turn the office into her room, but then John thought we could still have them share while they’re little. Then I saw this picture. SO cute!! Yep. It’s official. No matter the gender our kids are sharing a room for a bit!

Have you pinned anything delightful lately? What about actually MAKING something you pinned?? *gasp*;)
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

  • tara - Haden and Masyn have their own rooms right now but we’ve been thinking about putting them in the same room while they are still little and i LOVEEEE that little shared room … so cute!ReplyCancel

  • theresa - stopping by from carissa’s — I like pinterest too and am also glad they changed their terms!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - I love pinning, too! I feel like I go in spurts where I am on there a lot, or I go weeks without getting on. I love the scripture scraps, too! I saw that last week on Carissa’s blog, can’t wait to make one! That dress is darling! And however you do the room, it will be cute!ReplyCancel

  • Barbie - I love Pinterest. Not as into it as some, but I love to browse around. After reading posts on the old terms of service, I deleted a lot of the stuff I had. I now make sure someone has a pin button on their site. I am careful not to repin if I don’t know where the source is. I will have to read their new terms. Could make things easier! Love the hall closet idea!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I love Pinterest! I try to resist the urge to spend too much time on there, & I also try to actually make/do some of the stuff I pin! I made a valance for my living room (with the help of my mister & friend), and I’ve cooked quite a few of the recipes I’ve found on there! {now I want to make that dress!!}ReplyCancel

  • Meg - Um, #4, the bunk-bed room is ADORABLE! I think it is great to share a room–I did with my younger sister my whole life until I got married (except for 2 years in college, but the other 2 and half when we were both in college, yep we were roomies!) I think it works just find with brothers and sisters too, for at least a few years. Plus, with a room as cool as that, how can you resist! I learned SO much about sharing while sharing a room (and toys and clothes…) with my sister. Made marriage a little less of a transition too ;) ReplyCancel

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