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A Boy and His Dog & a New Blog!

Just a couple months after we brought our sweet little Mareto home, another “baby” joined the family. My parents adopted an adorable golden retriever puppy named Toby. He and Mareto were instant buddies. They have a mutual love for each other (particularly for licking each other…) and I don’t know who gets more excited to see the other one – Mareto or Toby.

(My mom, Mareto, and Toby the week Toby came home)

The last year has been quite the adventure for my parents! Toby has acquired several nicknames, my favorite being “destroyer of worlds.” haha Yes he chews up anything and everything, including Mareto’s diapers (dirty ones)! But soon Toby will have a new name to add to the list: therapy dog. That’s right! Toby is starting classes to become a therapy dog! He is going to bring so much joy to so many people!

So, to chronicle this fun journey my mom has started a blog! Training Toby: little terrorist to pet therapist… Clever name, right? I was super impressed! Trust me – you’ll definitely want to go check it out. Toby is very photogenic and he supplies my mother with PLENTY of hilarious stories to tell! So go stop by and say hi to my mom! She’s brand new to the blogging world – so welcome her in the big loving way we bloggers do so well!

(Mareto and Toby – getting BIG!)

(me and Toby on Christmas day)

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to say woof hello!:)

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