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a little girl…



is she yours? A precious little girl needs a home. She needs a mama and a daddy. She needs kisses and snuggles and tickles and giggles and the sweetness that comes with being a DAUGHTER. Is she yours? Sweet Esther has been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be HER turn. She has seen friends go home with their brand new parents. Still she waits. It is HER TURN. Is she yours? She has a beautiful smile and some extra needs that make her extra special. Oh, and you get to go to Uganda to bring her home. Which in my mind is a total bonus because who wouldn’t just loooooooove to go to Uganda?!

Please read my friend Lovlyn’s post about sweet little Esther here. Consider giving to her fund at Project Hopeful so that when her family is found money is NOT a road block.

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