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God is faithful through struggle

I’ve been having a rough time lately. My heart is a little bruised as I’m going through some struggles. I feel confused, torn, unsettled, and a bit heartsick. It’s too personal for me to share with anyone but Jesus and my husband. Maybe some day. But right now it’s too raw and I’m still wading my way through things.

Today I was dwelling on it all and trying to make some sense why I’m going through this and how to make it better. All of a sudden stories started popping into my head.

My stories.

Our stories.

Stories of His faithfulness to me during times of hardship, pain, confusion, and struggle.

Stories when He proved faithful time and time again. He has never failed to work all things according to HIS good purposes… even when it didn’t make sense at the time.

And then I realized. I didn’t just randomly think of those things on my own. God was reminding me. He was giving me a gift. He was whispering into my heart, “Daughter I love you. Remember this time that you didn’t understand but I was there and I had a plan and I worked it all out for my glory? What about this other time? I was faithful then. Daughter I love you and I know you don’t get it and I know you can’t see what I see but I have never left you alone and I have never forsaken you and I have always been faithful and I always always will.”

My struggle hasn’t disappeared. It still hurts and I still don’t get it. But it has helped sooth some hurt and calm my anxiousness to dwell on the memories of God coming through in amazing ways. It helps give assurance that there is a plan in this too. God is faithful.

I took some time to look back through thoughts I wrote 2-3 years ago… these three posts ministered to me and helped remind me of the faithful God I serve…

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