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Today I realize that this is the 4th design my little blog has had in 2 months. wow. Talk about indecisive. I guess that’s what happens when you design blogs for other people every day. You start to see things you like for yourself and then have to constantly change it up! I like this look though. It feels like it’s more ME… feminine and simple. We’ll see how long it lasts.



Today my house is a wreck. It always amazes me how quickly it can go from squeaky clean to disaster zone. And I don’t feel like cleaning. At all. But I like a clean house more than I like to be lazy. :/

Today I am trying to decide about some new items for the shop, new ways to fund-raise, and what will go in the next basket of love. All the while I am secretly hoping to inherit $30,000 so we don’t have to worry about raising the money for this adoption. Not gonna happen.

Today I have stayed in my pj’s til 1pm. That’s mainly due to the fact that I went to take a shower this morning and realized my towel was in the laundry. I think the dryer is about done though… so I guess that means I have to take a shower. :/


Today Mareto had twice as much yogurt as usual because mama is a push over. Somehow we thought Daddy would be the softie and I would have to keep everyone in line. Oh my how untrue that’s turned out to be! Mama couldn’t be a bigger sucker. Thank goodness for Daddy, the Bible, and some very good parenting books or I’m afraid we’d have the most spoiled boy on the planet. (But seriously, look at that face and tell me you wouldn’t want to give him anything he wanted! I mean really…)

Today I’m wishing it was Spring because I really want to wear flip flops and skirts. Soon enough.



Today I’m feeling restless. John often teases that I am a nomad but he’s not really teasing. He and I both know that I would be perfectly happy moving about once a year. I would have been a really good hippie. I love California, long hair, flowy dresses, flowers, and going barefoot. Of course that whole drugs, free love, and community living would be a road block. I am an intensely private person, a one man gal, and substance free.

Today I’m still thinking about all that God did in my heart at Created for Care a month ago. Wondering how to not let that work go by the wayside now that it’s back to the normal day-to-day life.

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