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Opportunities to play a part.

One of the things we heard over and over at the Created for Care weekend was that everyone has a part to play in adoption and orphan care. We all have a responsibility to look after orphans but that looks different for different people. Some are called to adopt children into their families, some are called to sponsor children are are unadoptable, and some are called to support those adopting and sponsoring by praying and/ or giving financially.

As a fund-raising family it can be a tough road sometimes. Some people don’t get it and sometimes there is a lot of pride-swallowing that has to occur. Gwen Oatsville said something to me during some down time that really helped me see fund-raising in a different light. She said that we all have our parts to play and one part is no more or less important than the other. When we each stand before God he is going to ask us to account for our obedience in what he asked us to do. For us that will be adoption. I imagine the conversation happening something like this, God: “I called you to care for the orphans through adoption – did you obey?” Us: “Yes, we stepped out in faith to adopt.” Then he will look at a supporter and say, “I called you to care for the orphans by giving finanially to those called to adopt. Did you obey?” Supporter: “Yes, we felt you lead us to give $1,000 to family A and we did.” One person is not more faith-filled or obedient than the other! They are both beautiful children of God responding to the command to look after orphans. It’s awesome!

It helps remove the uncomfortable feelings that can come with asking for financial support! Instead of feeling like we’re asking people to give us money, we know realize we are inviting people to be a part of Kingdom work! Each person in the body of Christ has an important question to ask themselves… what is God asking me to do in this area? Am I to adopt? Am I to sponsor a child? Am I to pray? Am I to give financial support to an adopting family? You might be surprised by the answer and you may be called to more than one thing!

If you feel the Lord prompting you to be a financial supporter than I’ve got some opportunities for you to play a part!

  • We still have our baskets of love giveaway going on! This basket’s theme is “Beautiful Things” and it full of over $600 of beautiful goodies! $5 gets you one entry into the giveaway and you can enter as many times as you want!:)click here to check it out!

  • We are taking more pre-orders of the tees I designed. It’s a great way to help spread love and awareness! All profit goes straight into our adoption fund. Order yours here!

  • We also just started selling gorgeous magazine necklaces and 147 million orphans silicon bracelets. These are two accessories that help advocate for the fatherless and you look cute while doing it! You can read more about these amazing products and purchase yours over here! Again, all profit goes toward our adoption!

  • Have a blog or an etsy shop? I’d love to give you a custom design! Head on over to my design site to explore the portfolio and price packages. Every dime goes toward our adoption!
  • OR you can simply donate without purchasing anything. Any amount is a tremendous blessing! You can give $1 or $50 — it all makes a difference!!

  • Want to help in a super simple easy way? Share about any of our fundraisers on your blog, twitter, or facebook (or all 3!) and pray for our adoption as you share! It’s so simple and helps us get the word out!

  • One last thing– my blog BFF Wynne is being featured this week on Give1Save1!! They have had an amazing week so far and we want to see their number grow even more!! Please consider heading over to watch their video and give $1 toward their adoption!

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