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I’ll never learn…

There’s nothing like a home study to get you in the spring cleaning mood! We had our last post placement visit for Mareto’s adoption yesterday (how has it already been almost a year???) and simultaneously our social worker completed the visit/questions for our home study update to bring home baby #2. This being our third completed home study and probably one of 8 visits over the course of the years you would think I would know better. You would think I wouldn’t stress anymore and just give the house a normal quick clean – the same I would for guests. But I guess I will never learn. I spent from 9am – 2pm deeeeep cleaning the house. I mean every single room was scrubbed top to bottom and re-organized. Then, just as I should have known she would, she walked in… sat down on the couch… and never moved. Yep. Never even peeked in any of the other rooms. Never even glanced in my spotless kitchen. Sigh. Oh well, at least I have a clean house! We won’t be seeing her again until we’re home with our next little one… just enough time for me to forget this lesson and spring clean the house for her return. 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our lives are going to change with a second child. Superficially I’ve also been thinking about the nursery/ kids room. I don’t know if we’ll be bringing home a little baby (like Mareto was) or an older baby… closer to toddler. But I’ve been wasting time having fun on pinterest coming up with all sorts of inspiration! Some of my favorite things….

I’m so thankful I learned to quilt before I became a mama! I’ll definitely be making this sometime soon!! [via]

Love the colors, but love the hand idea even more! [via]

This must be the cutest little mobile I’ve ever seen (and I love the wall color!) [via]

And speaking of cute!!! Look who I found on pinterest!! Yes, that’s an itty bitty Mareto you see there! My friend Tara started a wonderful shop: Creole Paperie. She makes the most beautiful announcements, invitations, stationary, and more! Check out her adorable ad in my sidebar and visit her shop! (PS – she changed the names in this announcement mockup to protect the innocent… just in case you were confused.)

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