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one little word

2011 brought so much joy into our lives. If I could choose one word to describe our year that would be it… JOY. After years of waiting, hurting, losing, waiting, aching, longing, praying and waiting we finally held our precious boy in our arms…

We finally walked through the front door of our home with our very own precious bundle of love. We spent the year learning, laughing, creating memories, and delighting in absolutely everything about our little Mareto. Yes, joy. 2011 was just pure joy.

As I look ahead to 2012 and what word I anticipate shaping this new year we face, one thing keeps popping up in my mind…

I fully expect 2012 to be full of adventure… the kind that only God can do. The marvelous, wild ride that is life with Jesus.  I had no idea at the start of 2011 that we would not only bring home our sweet son, but that we would end the year with the decision to start all over again and bring home our next baby. But that’s exactly what happened. Then we made the decision and God threw a curve ball at us and the path we thought our adoption would take took a turn… a God turn.

Now here we are back at the beginning of a brand new year. Looking forward to the adventure that God has called us to. Looking forward to giving it all over to him… letting go of our plans for his marvelous adventure! What’s your word for 2012? Be inspired here!

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