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God’s provision & our adoption process so far!

I have been so amazed over and over by the hand of God in our second adoption process! When We decided to adopt in September we had a lengthy talk with our agency, All God’s Children International. We qualified for certain discounts as a returning family, but some expired at the end of the year. We had $0 in our adoption savings account at the time. Every penny had been used for Mareto’s adoption and post placement reports. I just knew that there was no possible way we could raise the $6,000+ that it would cost to re-do our homestudy, file with immigration, and contract with AGCI by December 31st. Almost $7,000 in three months? In my mind that was impossible. I decided to pray for it anyway. I knew that God was able if he wanted to, and if he didn’t want to I would just have to be okay with that. So, we stepped out in faith once again and started fund-raising. I was back to brainstorming every possible way to bring in funds: blog design, tees, prints, giveaways… and we just went for it! And guess what…

God did it!

We have raised enough to contract, re-do our home study, file with immigration and then some! In three months nearly $8,000 have been raised! If I am totally honest with you, I never thought that would happen by New Year’s. That just goes to show how little our human minds can comprehend the wealth of God. I mean I say that I know God can do anything – but when He actually does the big things I am so surprised and blown away… my little human brain just doesn’t get it. All I can do is humbly say thank you – and stand in awe.

So what does this mean?

I tend to break all the payments for adoption into neat little packages to make it more managable to plan for and to fund-raise for. There are 5 parts.

  1. Contract fees, home study fees, fingerprint/immigration fees: these *usually* add up to around $10,000 – but because we are receiving returning family discounts from AGCI AND our home study agency it only adds up to around $6,000 for us.
  2. Dossier Submission fees (the payment inlcuded with our huge pile of paperwork that must be approved before we can go on the waitlist and get matched with our child): these usually average $5,000.
  3. Referral Acceptance fees (the payment made when we are matched with our sweet baby): This is also usually around $5,000.
  4. Travel costs for first trip to Africa: a lot depends on airline costs but this is usually around $5,000.
  5. Travel costs for final trip to Africa: again, around $5,000

So because we have raised more than the first part – we are now officially fund-raising for our dossier submission fees and are SO excited about that!! We can’t wait to complete the paperwork and get on the list so we’re officially waiting for our sweet little boy or girl!

So, have we contracted yet?

Short answer – no. There has been a huge unforeseen change in our adoption process – one that we didn’t expect 3 months ago, but one that is clearly of the Lord. I can’t share any details yet – but hope to sometime next week! We will be contracting sometime late next week or early the following week. For reasons out of our control we aren’t able to until then. This does mean that we miss out on one of the 3 discounts that we were eligible for. I was disappointed about that and wondered why God would bring all our funds together in time to make the deadline and then have us unable to contract for other reasons… but God’s timing and will are both perfect. I’m sure there are parts to this story that we’re unaware of, but the part I can see is this: we MUST contract as soon as we are able and we need the funds to do that. The funds came, and our contracts will be ready next week and then we’ll be able to be official. THEN, when the contracts are signed, I can share with you the new and exciting things happening in our adoption… and ALL of this jumbled mess of a paragraph will make total sense to you. 😉 The great news is that we will still get 2 HUGE discounts with AGCI and an enormous discount with our home study agency.

So, you still have ONE MORE DAY to enter the baskets of love giveaway here!! Every $5 donated will get you one entry to the giveaway!

If you look over to the sidebar you will notice that I added a new fundraising meter. Our goal is to raise $10,000. Once we reach that goal we will have enough to cover #’s 1-3 of the costs in our list above. The only thing left to pay for will be travel fees and we are going to be applying for every grant available for that!:)

I can’t wait to see how God works this all together for another God-made adoption story… so that this boy will be a big brother – the best there ever was!

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