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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we make our plans and work hard like little ants to make our plans succeed. Then, God in his infinite wisdom has his own plans for us. Those plans may or may not line up with what we think is the way to go… but his plans are always better.

We plan and strive and wish and hope….

And God watches and smiles and then whispers, “I have something even better – will you trust me?”

So once again we place our best laid plans on the altar and say, “okay God – it’s all you now… lead the way.”

And you know what? He does! He places the stepping stones before us one at a time and we only have to take that step… and then the next… and then the next.

To be right smack dab in the middle of God’s will is the best place to be. To trust him for everything is the wisest and safest place to be. It’s also the scariest place. It’s that place where we surrender all control and say yes to literally anything God wants to do in our lives. It means that what we thought our lives would look like and the plans we made for ourselves will be replaced by wild adventure. It means that things could get messy and crazy and hard all to glorify the name of Jesus.

So we’ll surrender our plans… we’ll give up our tame little life for the most marvelous adventure of all… a life that is used for His glory.


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