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adoption update and a prayer

I realize that aside from fund-raising I haven’t posted any sort up update about our adoption basically since I announced it! The truth is, this time is a bit different from the last. We had been saving for our last adoption for years prior so we had enough saved for our home study fees and contracting fees (which is close to $10,00). This time we started from scratch, which means we haven’t really been able to do much until we have a certain amount raised. BUT we finally have some news to share and are making steps forward!

First, when we decided to jump back on the adoption roller coaster we were told that we would have to do everything all over again. This meant we would have to do a brand new home study ( approximately $2,000, 3 visits, interviews, 10 hours of adoption courses, lots of paperwork, etc). We were slightly frustrated since we had just completed this in the last 2 years and the only things that have changed are that there is a toddler in the home now and I no longer work outside the home. But, we accepted that this was what we had to do and started fund-raising. WELL – we found out a couple weeks ago that our home study agency is NOT requiring us to start all over again and they are willing to simply do an update for us which is amazing for a few reasons. First, it is going to save us $1,500!! Second, they are doing the update when they come for Mareto’s last post-placement visit so we can knock them both out on the same day, AND it significantly speeds up the process for us! YAY!!

SO, on January 7th we will complete all our visits for Mareto’s adoption and complete the update for our second adoption!

What’s the next step? Contracting with our agency comes next. Contracting means that we will get our dossier paperwork in our hands. We can get started on each piece, which we expect to take us a month or two (because we’ve done it all before and have a better understanding of how it all works), and then we can submit it to the agency for review. Once they approve our dossier we will officially be ready to get matched with our child and simply have to wait for that phone call!

So what is keeping us from contracting? Money. It is going to cost us approximately $5,500 to contract with our agency. This is what we have been working so hard toward for the last 2 months. I have been praying the same thing since September… that we would be able to raise the funds to contract with our agency by Christmas. We are so so close! We only need $1,500 more to be able to contract! Honestly, when I started praying this way it seemed impossible to me. Over 5 thousand dollars in three months? That is such a large sum! But I also know that I serve an ENORMOUS God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. If it’s in His perfect will then it is totally possible. So I asked – and through all of you He has been providing! We’re almost there!

How can you help?

  • PRAY! Pray with us that the funds would be provided. God has so graciously always provided for every cent right as we needed it.
  • Donate! There’s a major perk to this option too: for every $5 you donate you get entered in to win this amazing basket of goodies! Yes there is a kindle in there! 😉
  • Buy a t-shirt! I designed our “Love One Another” tees and we get over $10 for every shirt sold! You can purchase yours by clicking here! (The tee design is the image above)
  • Purchase a unique print designed by yours truly at our ONE 17 shop. Click here to browse.
  • Order a custom blog design! I would love to give your blog a new look and all the profit goes straight to our adoption account! Click here to browse my work and order a design!
  • Purchase a beautiful accessory from the Missions to Ukraine Boutique! My wonderful friend Michelle is selling these gorgeous items to raise funds for their annual mission trip to Ukraine. THIS MONTH she is donating 30% of all her profit to our adoption! How amazing is that? So you are helping TWO wonderful causes when you shop her site! Click here to check it out!
  • Spread the WORD!! Please please please! This is a big deal! You all have circles of friends and family and if you post about this on fb, your blog, twitter, or by email then our story reaches people we never thought would hear!
  • PRAY! What? I already said that? Well, it is the MOST important thing! It really is! So please please start and end with prayer always!

Do you think we can finish raising that $1,500 by the end of the week? I do! If God is in it then it is absolutely possible! Pray with us, help spread the word, donate, and pray again! This is my only Christmas wish! 😉

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