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I bet you didn’t know

… that in just a few months google is not allowing the followers gadget on any site other than blogger (blogspot) sites.:(booooo!! That means that you won’t be able to see that handy little gadget on my sidebar anymore once this takes place. I also *think* it means that you won’t get updates in your dashboard when I post even if you’re already following me when this all goes down. double booooo!

BUT there’s good news!! I have a variety of ways for you to get connected with me! Please oh please lets stay friends!:)

First there’s facebook – good old facebook. I have a special page just for my this website that will keep you updated when I post here! YAY! If you haven’t already go ahead and click that “like” box….



Next there’s Blog Lovin’! Seriously I love this service! Once you make an account with them you can follow any blog at all AND it’s made super convenient because they will email you once each day with all the posts from blogs you follow. It’s easy to read and they’re all in one place. So be sure to sign up with Blog Lovin’ here – and then go ahead and follow me by clicking the button below!


Okay, so I totally did something I never thought I would do… I signed up for twitter. Yea. I still don’t really get it although I’m sure I will figure it out. But this is another way you can stay connected and I will post blog updates there as well. So come follow me on twitter and I’ll follow you back!:)My handle is @lovemadeafamily.

Of course you’ll find the RSS button, pinterest, and email all on the intro portion of the homepage of this site. So you can stay connected those ways as well!

I’m super bummed about the followers thing but I know we’ll all stay friends regardless… right?! 😉

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