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Our Story

Rewind to the summer of 2009. John (my wonderful husband) and I had just taken the biggest leap of faith God had asked of us to date. We had left a cozy mountain home, a stable government position, a thriving ministry, and all of our friends to follow his call to seminary. We were living with parents while we waited to see if John’s interviews with a local church were going to turn into a full time youth pastor position and I had just started working full time at the seminary after being a stay at home wife for 4 years. John did get the job as a youth pastor and after several weeks we weren’t homeless anymore but were unpacking boxes in our new home – the parsonage. By September John had started class and we were knee deep in figuring out a brand new ministry. It was easily the most high stress, messy, and disorganized time in our lives. Just when we thought life couldn’t get any crazier God threw a curve ball into our lives…


To read the rest of our story head on over to What Love Has Done where we are being featured today!!

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