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Our Courageous Little Lion

We had such a fun weekend! Last minute costume plans made us the 3 side kicks from the wizard of oz. I was the tin man who finally got his heart, John was the scarecrow who got a brain, and Mareto was the lion who finally found his courage. We had a little fall fest event at church on Saturday…

All the little lions there…

exhausted after a tough day of “lioning”…

Off to Williamsburg for round two on Monday!
He’s getting so big and independent! I love it!

Walking around the shops for treats!
Big smiles for the man who gives the candy!

love my sweet little lion

he lunged around all of a sudden to give me a big kiss!

Getting tired…

Oh what a fun weekend it was!! And now it’s NOVEMBER! Can you believe it? Fall is flying by!

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