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A new little one is on the way!!

That’s right! Mareto is going to be a big brother!!!! 
We are SO excited and over the top giddy to announce that…

It brings me so much joy to be able to type those words! Let’s see, where to begin? Well after spending our first week in Ethiopia we knew that we would definitely adopt again and that we would be back in Ethiopia doing just that someday. We just didn’t know when or how. But little faces like these have been burned in our hearts…

Our transition with Mareto couldn’t have been smoother! He has adjusted and bonded so well. He is such a good boy with the sweetest disposition and he loves other children. We just know he is going to be an amazing big brother and for the past month or so my heart has been aching for another child. I was surprised because I didn’t expect that longing to come so soon after bringing home Mareto. But, the feeling has only increased over time and I finally shared my feelings with John. It turns out that John had been feeling the same way, so last Sunday we prayed and decided it was time to adopt again. God is preparing our child for us just as he is preparing our hearts for our next child. Now is the time and Ethiopia is the destination once again!

There are a few details we are still praying over. We are deciding between returning to AGCI (our wonderful agency that helped us bring Mareto home) and one other agency. We’re leaning toward AGCI again, but are making sure to really pray through and explore this other option to the fullest. We are also praying about going on the wait list (as we did last time) or pursuing a specific child. I can’t really give any more details about that at this point. The next question of course is boy or girl? Last time we specifically asked for a boy… this time we want to be surprised!

The next thing we are praying for right now is that God would provide in a miraculous way! With Mareto’s adoption we had been saving money for years beforehand and had a big chunk of change to pay for our first contracting fee (roughly $8,000). Then we were able to fundraise and save the rest. This time we are starting at $0. We used all our savings to bring home Mareto so we will have to fundraise the entire $30,000! That seems so scary, but we know that it IS possible!!!

Will you commit to praying for us and our next little one? It’s going to be quite a journey and we are so excited to see how God orchestrates another beautiful adoption story. Mareto’s was and still is incredibly miraculous and wonderful. That God would call us to adopt again and allow us to be a part of his redemption story just blows us away! We are so blessed!

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