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A Day at the Pumpkin Farm! :)

We had so much fun getting out of the house on Monday! Our little guy still had a small fever but we’d been cooped up for over a week and he really seemed to feel lots better, so we took our chances and headed out to a local farm. They have an amazing petting zoo area with a huge haystack in the middle of a field to play on. They also have a hayride but we opted out of that. We picked our pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch first and then had lots of fun with the hay and the animals!:)

Having fun with all the little pumpkins!
Looking at the scarecrow with Daddy…
A Mareto-sized pumpkin… BIG…
baby goats were so cute and Mareto was very interested in them!:)
Look how big our one year old is!
He loved playing in the hay – he sat and crawled and rolled for a long time… smiling and laughing all the while!
He wasn’t sure what to think of the big tractor…
So cute – he was actually very gentle with all the animals! Our “gentle” lessons are paying off!:)
Sorry for the incredibly poor picture quality! All these were taken on our video camera so they’re super grainy/blurry. Our camera is still broken (since JULY!) and I keep meaning to get to the camera store to fix it. You mama’s will understand though. Errands outside of our normal grocery store, post office, gas station loop can be tough to fit in! Hopefully soon!

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