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“Before you can have a strong passion to make a change, you must look at the world differently. People must view the world with an open heart and open eyes. To have compassion, people must see the world and notice there is something more beyond their everyday lives.”
–Faith Poole, 12th grade
Such brilliance in the words of a High School senior. This is something that’s been on my heart so much lately but I haven’t known how to articulate it. I have this burning passion within me that didn’t exist 10 years ago. My heart aches in ways it didn’t even this time last year. The desire for action has overcome my everyday life. It all comes from seeing the world with different eyes. Ten years ago I was totally consumed with myself. My plans, my dreams, my goals… but then someone came along who changed my world view. Jesus. I saw the world a bit differently and slowly my passions changed. Then, this winter we spent two week in Ethiopia. Suddenly I was looking at the world through the eyes of a child who was completely soiled and aching for human touch… living out his days in an orphanage. I saw the world through the eyes of a mother who loves her child so much she would make the greatest sacrifice a mother can make for the good of that baby boy… to give him to another. I saw the world through the eyes of a crippled old man begging on the side of the road from the tarp that served as his home. What I saw when I looked at things through their eyes with the love of Jesus in my heart it broke me. 

Life isn’t about my everyday errands and 1st world problems. Life is about Jesus. And Jesus is about loving the least of these and when I look at the world through their eyes I see a lot less love and a lot more injustice. I see a country full of “christians” getting fat off our picnics and parties while those on the other side of the world starve to death. I see us buying bottled water and throwing it away because it got warm while a mother and her small children walk several miles to the nearest disease infested water hole. I see huge homes with empty bedrooms on one side of the world, and overcrowded orphanages full of love starved children on the other. Something doesn’t sit right with this new picture. It burdens me and breaks my heart… as it should. 

Thankfully we are not helpless. Thankfully we have the honor of SERVING a great and powerful God. We are called to action. We are called to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ… not passive followers. My heart is broken and my spirit is convicted. It’s time to see the world through the eyes of our Savior… then break beyond our everyday lives with compassion in our hearts and make a change!

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