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An uncomfortable truth: our crisis

Fifteen thousand Africans are dying each day of preventable, treatable diseases – AIDS, malaria, TB – for lack of drugs that we take for granted.
This statistic alone makes a fool of the idea many of us hold on to very tightly: the idea of equality. What is happening to Africa mocks our pieties, doubts our concern and questions our commitment to the whole concept. Because if we’re honest, there’s no way we could conclude that such mass death day after day would ever be allowed to happen anywhere else. Certainly not in North America or Europe, or Japan. An entire continent bursting into flames? Deep down, if we really accept that their lives – African lives – are equal to ours, we would all be doing more to put the fire out. It’s an uncomfortable truth.
Fifteen thousand people dying needlessly every day from AIDS, TB, and malaria. Mothers, fathers, teacher, farmers, nurses, mechanics, children. This is Africa’s crisis. That it’s not on the nightly news, that we do not treat this as an emergency – that’s our crisis. ~ Bono

As I pray that God would break my heart for what breaks his one thing has been tearing it to shreds lately… our American apathy. We have the the awareness, the access, and the ability to change the crisis in Africa. ALL of us do. At the very least we can pray and  sponsor a child so that they have an education, food, clothes, and access to a doctor. There are no excuses. None. I want to cry when I hear people say they can’t afford it. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will provide the funds but the workers are few. It costs less than $2 a day to sponsor a child. But our entertainment and wardrobes are more important to us than human lives. Yes, we have the ability and the access but apparently we lack the will… the love and the compassion. Praying that God would break our hearts and humble us… we need it… the world needs it.

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