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embrace the camera: family day

Linking up with Emily again for another embrace the camera… it might be my last for awhile because my camera decided that it hates me and won’t work anymore. In fact, it happened right after I took the following pictures. :/ I’m hoping it will magically start working again since I can’t exactly afford to just run out and buy a new one! Anywhoo… check out Emily’s blog – it’s loads of fun!

Every Monday is our family day. I look forward to Monday’s all week long. Most people hate Monday’s, but when you’re a ministry family that’s your day off! John doesn’t have to work and he usually is able to put off all seminary homework until Tuesday. Since we are so blessed to only live 30 minutes from the beach, Monday is our beach day. This Monday was thunder-storming and chilly all day and the sun didn’t come out until about 4:30pm. So we snuggled at home until about 5pm and then headed out to the beach to take a walk and get some produce from our favorite farm stand. We had a little impromptu photo shoot at the beach…

(I just love it when he holds my face)
(staring out at the ocean we crossed FOUR times to bring him home)
(daddy loves his boy so so much!)
(thank goodness daddy has long arms for these self portraits!)
It was a wonderful day! We came home and had fresh sweet corn with our stuffed green peppers! Mareto had “i love local strawberries” stickers all over him because the people at the farm stand absolutely adore him and shower him with love and gifts. (But, really, who wouldn’t adore him??) Then, Mareto went to bed and mommy and daddy had a little at home date night.:)I just love Mondays!

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