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As I shared in Friday’s post, my grandmother (on my dad’s side) is suffering from alzheimer’s disease. She is going downhill rapidly and it’s so sad to watch. She was living in assisted care about 20 minutes away for a little over a year until February. She then moved to a much better facility in Illinois and will be closer to my Aunt and Uncle. During her move many of her belongings were spread among the family. I received some furniture and a small box of items.

About a dozen of her lovely handkerchiefs were in that box. My mom said, “I gave these to you because I thought you might be able to use them in a quilt or with some other craft.” I thought about what I wanted to do with them for a couple days. Then I got an idea that I love… make them into brooches!

I am fashioning them into some type of fabric flower and sticking  brooch backings on. I’ve decided to make one for each of her grand daughters. There are 7 of us, including myself. I’ve made four so far and love how they’re turning out…

I can’t wait to gift these to my cousins and my sister. I think they will hold a special place in their hearts…

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