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{we are the lucky ones…}

I really can’t think of anything to blog about except my son! haha I guess that’s normal since he is consuming my days and nights and has totally filled every part of my heart with more joy and love than I could have possibly imagined. I know there will be tough days ahead as parenthood is never easy, but right now all I can think is, “I never understood how AMAZING motherhood is!” I have never felt so much overflowing joy, love, and contentment in my life!! God has been so good to us!

A few people have said “Tucker hit the jackpot,” or “that boy has no idea how lucky he is…” but they are SO wrong! WE are the lucky ones… and it isn’t luck… it’s a BLESSING FROM HEAVEN! We hit the jackpot with this little boy and we are so incredibly blessed. It’s all I can do not to cry with joy when I look at him. I actually  miss him when he’s napping (like right now…) I can’t wait for him to wake up just so I can be with him!

People have said that we rescued him and are giving him a life he never would have had… but the truth is that he is rescuing us. He is giving us a life that we had begun to think wasn’t possible. He is giving us SO much more than we have ever dreamed of…

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