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{today was a happy day}

well… every day is really happy, but after a rough day yesterday this was MUCH better!:)
we just love him to pieces!!
We got into the doctor at 2pm yesterday. Tucker still has quite a bit of congestion and a bad cough. He had pneumonia in January and bronchitis a couple weeks ago. He still hasn’t been able to shake it, though. So we got a prescription and hopefully will get rid of this gunk.
Poor little guy had to have a shot in the leg, a tb test (needle in the arm), and 6 viles of blood drawn. I cried just as hard as he did and the nurse had to console the both of us afterward. I felt so bad for him! We’re hoping to get some good lab results back next week. We’re taking stool samples all weekend and will turn them in on Monday. We should find out soon what’s going on with his little belly. 
Thanks for praying! We are just LOVING life with our son!:)

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