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{we’re home}

… well, sort of. Right now Ethiopia feels more like home than Virginia. It’s weird to be back and nothing feels familiar anymore. It’s weird to be cold, our Folger’s coffee tastes blah (we were too tired to grind our stash from the trip today) and the sounds and smells are so different and quiet.

We had quite the journey home. Our flight out of Ethiopia was delayed, so we waited in the airport for 12 hours before we finally took off. That of course meant that we missed our connecting flight in Frankfurt, so we hung out there waiting for the next flight to D.C. The awesome thing was that we had both flights with a couple we were in Ethiopia with all week and we just love them! Chris and Dale – you made what could have been the worst travel in history so much fun! We love you guys! All in all, from the time we left our hotel to the time we made it to our house, we were in transit for 39 hours! We are so tired.

We slept for 11 hours, waking up at 3pm today. We’ve got our days and nights all mixed up and we both just want to go back to bed, but we’re making ourselves wait for it to get dark. We miss our son so badly it hurts. Pray for our hearts. It’s so difficult to be away from him.

Now… I am going to find my Ethiopian coffee stash and make myself a little pick-me-up! 😉

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