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To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays: communication…

 Last week was pretty crazy in our house. We had several things we were trying to juggle in the midst of preparing for our yard sale. Every day was jam packed full of responsibilities. There wasn’t a whole lot of down time and a lot of unexpected things came up. It’s weeks like this that challenge couples. As I was talking to John on Monday I said, “is there any way that I showed you love last week?” and he replied, “I don’t remember the last 7 days…” yea – me either! haha Seriously, it’s been that crazy at our house! But I do remember one thing – and I think it’s important…

Wednesday we had a great talk. Not just a sit down and chat about the day talk… but a real heart to heart. We have so many moving parts in our life (who doesn’t?) and we just hashed out some things that needed to be discussed. It was real. There were moments when we were on the same page and moments when we were totally frustrated. But we kept on and kept talking. It was so wonderful. For me there’s nothing better than being able to communicate on a deep level with my husband. I have to be able to share every aspect of how I feel about everything. For some that could probably get exhausting or annoying – but John loves it. He’s the same way. He wants to be able to share how he feels and he wants to know all about how I’m feeling. Now, we don’t have these talks every day – but they are important to have periodically to see where the other one’s at.

For me, this is critical in being able to show love to John. Without real communication I can’t know what his needs are and how he wants me to meet them! I am so thankful to have a husband who loves to talk and loves to communicate. I learned something new on Wednesday – and I’m going to do my best to take it to heart and use my new found knowledge to love my husband better.

How about you? Let me know how things are going in the mission to love your husband! : ) Link up below!

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