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To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays: why he’s worth all the love I can give…

Tuesdays seem to roll around so fast for me! But, here we are again – another Tuesday to share the ways we love our husband’s in a 110% kind of way! : )

This week I felt like I failed. I didn’t do anything wrong – I just didn’t do much. I was thinking to myself, “how on earth am I going to write this post tomorrow? What will I say? I didn’t do anything great for John this week…” But then I realized that it’s okay. We all have weeks like that. Last week I was pretty sick. Most of you know about my endometriosis (you can click here for more info about what that is.) I had a rough patch Tues – Thurs and didn’t do a whole lot other than lie around. Then the weekend came and things got busy. Then Monday came and I had plans with 2 marvelous friends… and during this whole time I’ve been gearing up for our yard sale on Saturday. I just want to encourage you – if you’ve had days or weeks like mine that’s alright! Things happen that are out of our control. I felt pretty bad until I realized that I needed to be happy, not guilty. I am now looking back in sweetness, recalling all the ways my husband loved and cared for me… knowing that I get to do the same for him… 

He called me periodically through the day to make sure I was okay.
He didn’t say one little thing about the fact that the dishes weren’t done and the laundry hadn’t been washed.
He told me not to feel guilty for laying in bed all day Wednesday.
He went out and got me dinner late Tuesday night when I just didn’t feel well enough to fix something myself.
He rubbed my back, got me medicine, and didn’t complain when I got up several times in the night.
On Monday he insisted on dropping me off at Heather’s because we had plans. She lives 45 min away – and he would have to pick me up later in the day – but he wanted to spend time with me and have a chance to talk… I loved that!
When we got home after my day with the girls I found that the yard had been mowed and the house had been cleaned top to bottom… and he had done laundry!
THEN I went out back and discovered that he had added compost to my garden, watered it, and tied the tomato plant to a stake because my contraption wasn’t working.

 John, you are amazing. Being your wife is the deepest honor and blessing God has ever given me. It’s a gift that I’m sure I don’t deserve. Your love is my treasure. I cherish you. Thank you for loving me in every season. My love for you will never end… and just you wait – I’m dreaming up ways to show my adoration and appreciation right now! ; )

“Many waters cannot quench love, not can floods drown it.”
Song of Solomon 8:7 
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