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To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays: the little things…

 It’s Tuesday already! How was your week? I can’t wait to read all the wonderful ways you’ve come up with to love your husbands! Your posts are such an encouragement to me and I love it when you link up! : )

The past week was a little bit crazy for us. My husband had a week long intensive class all the way up to 5pm on Friday. When he got home we got in the car and drove 4 hours to VMI for the class of 2010’s graduation on Sunday. Saturday was a big day with a parade and lots of BBQ’s, then Sunday was the commencement ceremony complete with lots of tears (on my part), hugs, goodbyes, another BBQ, and a nice dinner with friends. Monday was an incredible day catching up with the Chaplain and his wife (who are more like parents than anything) and then another family we used to go to church with. Talk about emotional! It was an incredible weekend and we arrived home around 9pm Monday.

With all the activity and business of our lives over the last 7 days, I found that the biggest way to show love to John was in the small things I did. Like packing the suitcases, washing our sheets and cleaning the house from top to bottom before he came home from class on Friday. When he got there everything was all ready to go – we just had to get in the car and leave! Plus, my housecleaning meant that we came home to a fresh house and a bed with newly washed sheets. He just wanted to take a long hot shower and I was so happy to tell him that I had washed his towel before we left, so that was fresh too.

Then, up in Lexington, I noticed the little smile he got when I bragged on him to everyone we talked with. Whenever anyone asked him how school was going I immediately chimed in that he was doing super and got straight A’s this semester and he’s just so smart and on and on… the best part – I meant every single word! He is brilliant. Just sayin.

Then, when he wanted to get up to meet his old prayer group at 7am Monday morning, I never bat an eyelash. I slept in a little and then got all ready to go again. Everything was all packed when he came to pick up and I loved his look of surprise and delight that I was so prepared! : )

The best part of taking a road trip with my honey … holding his hand in the car and having 4 straight hours of alone time with nothing to do but talk. WONDERFUL!!

How about you? How did you shower the man in your life with love Love LOVE? Link up below!!

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