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To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays: Being Rosie the Riveter!

 How’s it going ladies? Are you finding new ways to show love to the main man in your life? Do you need some encouragement? Is he just not noticing? Did the world tip sideways for you this week and completely overwhelm you? You’ve come to the right place! My hope is that through this meme we are an encouragement to one another! Satan seeks to destroy marriages, but God loves the union that is such a beautiful picture of Christ and the church. Stay strong! Even when it seems like your efforts aren’t being appreciated – I promise you they are! God sees everything and loves your beautiful heart. It will make a difference if you stick with it! When life gets crazy and you just don’t have the time or energy to think of some way to bless your husband … just take a moment. breathe. pray. ask. receive. God wants to bless your marriage and He wants to use you! One of the fabulous things about this meme is the abundance of ideas to be gleaned from all the wonderful ladies who link up. So if your creativity meter feels a little low – just visit one of them and stock up on some new ideas! : )

Last week I committed to giving my husband more back rubs… I was able to follow through with that twice and I must say he was very appreciative! I also loved Kelly’s idea of surprising your man at work with his favorite dessert beverage. She brought her husband a chocolate milkshake and I thought that was so sweet! So, last Wednesday, I stopped by the church to drop off the snacks for that night’s service and surprised John w/ a java chip frappachino from Starbucks. It’s his favorite frozen drink and trust me – by 5pm on a Wednesday he could use a little pick me up (we usually don’t leave the church until 10pm … and he’s been there since 9am.)

 My BIG project to bless his socks off was accomplished on Saturday afternoon. He went shooting with a friend from church and I cleaned out the garage while he was gone. I didn’t take pictures solely so I wouldn’t post them – because it was that bad! You could barely walk in there and it was an enormous project. But, I finished before he got home and when he saw what I’d done he was blown away! It was so funny to see him in such shock and then look at me and say, “how on earth did you do all this??” I puffed up my chest and flexed my biceps. Those of you who know me in real life will find that hilarious. (I’m not a big/strong woman at all … probably the reason for my husband’s shock!)

I’m still dwelling on this week’s project – but I just want to report that I’m still keeping my morning routine and it’s making our days start out so beautifully! : )

How about you? Link up below to share how you’ve been loving on your man!

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