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Women Of Faith: a miracle every day…

 Well, I never post twice in one day (I think I might have once before…) but when I saw the Women of Faith blog hop on facebook … and then my BFF joined in with her beautiful post – I knew I wanted to participate!! The topic is miracles, and they want to know if I’ve ever experienced any.

The answer is a solid yes. But, not the kind most people consider. If you click the link to “My Story” above, you’ll read about numerous trials the Lord has seen fit to bring into my life. The miracle in all of them isn’t what happened on the outside … but on the inside… my heart.

I don’t know why but God chose me to experience the joy of pregnancy followed by the crushing blow of loss… twice.  We’ve dealt with infertility for nearly 5 years. We don’t have a miracle baby story. I’ve never been in labor & delivery and held my newborn for the first time. BUT I still have a miracle: I never lost my faith in the One whose held me through it all. I’ve never had to walk a single day without Him. He wrapped His arms around me and lovingly healed my heart.

I don’t live each day in perfect health. I suffer from chronic illness that causes a lot of pain, frustration, Dr. appointments, medicines, and occasional surgeries. I don’t have a miracle story of healing. I haven’t had the joy of sitting in the doctor office hearing the words that I’m finally well. BUT I still have a miracle: God never leaves me. He lifts me in His arms each day. He sits with me at each appointment and comforts me when I hurt.

My miracles happen every day. They happen when I wake up each morning and can smile. They happen when I can lift my heart in worship to the One who orders my steps. On my own I am a self seeking person. I want my own plans to succeed. But, with God in me I can surrender my will to his. That’s a miracle! It’s the miracle of TRUST… HOPE… and FAITH

“But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, ‘You are my God'”
Psalm 31:14
©2009 Living By Faith

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