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Most of you may know the horrible story about Artyem, the Russian orphan adopted by a woman in Tennessee and then shipped back to Russia with a note in his hand saying she didn’t want him any more. It’s appalling, shocking, sickening, and it will effect the way other countries view the US in regard to international adoption.

We received an email from our adoption agency urging us to action. Here’s a portion of the email we received:

The outrageous treatment of Artyem by his adoptive family has rightfully resulted in outrage by the Governments of Russia and the United States and all who care about children. The tragedy has cast a light on intercountry adoption that says it is not safe, the system failed and adopted children cause insurmountable problems. The heartbreak of Artyem Saviliev’s abandonment has once again elevated a singular incident to a level which may result in the suspension of intercountry adoption. Suspending adoption, even temporarily, will only cause thousands of children to suffer the debilitating effects of life in an orphanage.
You, the community of adoptees, adoptive parents, adoptive grandparents, child welfare professionals and child advocates know that the outrageous and indefensible actions of one parent are not indicative of how children are treated by adoptive families. You know that families who encounter difficulties do not simply abandon their child. You know that help is available, that solutions are found and that families can thrive. And you know that suspending adoption does not protect children but only subjects them to the depravity of an institution…and an entire life without a family.
You, the adoption community know the truth. You live the truth. You are the truth.
Join Joint Council’s campaign to bring the truth to light and help children in need find a permanent and safe family.
Join the Call to Action today. Your help is needed immediately!
Will you consider helping? Click here to learn how you can join the Call to Action!

  • Kristin - I have been so saddened by that story too and wondering how it would affect adoptions. What the agency said is so true. I have seen such an attack on so many adoptive families and adoption in general lately. Typical of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy, but we don't have to believe his lies!! Thanks for the link….I will head over and check it out.ReplyCancel

  • carissa @ lowercase letters - this is heartbreaking. it makes me sick. i'm definitely going to read more about how i can help. thanks for letting us know how to get involved!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Thank you for helping to raise awareness. My heart breaks for the children and families who will be affected by this decision!ReplyCancel

  • carissa @ lowercase letters - i just signed the petition. i was # 21865, which is so encouraging! other people are acting! may the Lord move mountains.ReplyCancel

  • Bill and Traci - What a great idea…posting it onto your blog! I have already signed and think I will follow your lead by adding this message and link to my blog as well! Thanks for having such a wonderful idea Lauren!ReplyCancel

  • Kassie - I thought of you when I first heard of this. I'm just heartbroken for everyone who is having their Russian adoption on hold! It's terrible.ReplyCancel

  • Alicia - I was so sad for the little boy when I read about this!!! I couldn't believe that someone can do that. It's so sad!ReplyCancel

  • Paul and DeeDee - This is heartbreaking. Thank you for posting this and raising awareness!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Thank you for posting this information. I read this article this morning and it was so sad.

    I'm glad I found your blog. I will keep your family in my prayers in the days and months to come.


  • Warren Baldwin - Lauren,
    This is a heart-rending story. What a set back for this child and those wanting to adopt. I hadn't heard of it, so thanks for giving it attention here.

    And thanks for visiting and following Family Fountain. wbReplyCancel

  • Darcie - As a parent of a adopted child…I am on my way to click to see what I can do!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie - When I originally read about this, I thought "who gets to send their child back when he/she isn't easy to deal with?" It's a good thing God doesn't think this way, eh?

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  • Mama D.'s Dozen - While I in no way condone the actions of this mother, I must tell you that I do, personally, know the heart ache, the anguish, the desperation that led to such a decision.

    I don't know her story, but I do know what it is like to walk through an adoption crisis … to know in my heart that my son can no longer live in my home … to know that I must protect my 5 younger children … to know that I was lied to by the orphanage … to know that I would never have brought this child into my home if I had known the truth … Yes, I know the unimaginable pain, and my heart aches for this woman.

    Families living through adoption nightmares need help, and they often don't have any idea where to find the help that is needed. They often have lost all of their friends and support because of the actions of their adopted child. They often have been judged unfairly, not only by strangers … but by the people that they thought were their closest friends.

    I pray that this situation which has gathered so much media attention will bring to light the fact … the truth … that there are adoptive families in crisis that need HELP … NOW …

    Hoping that your adoption is all that you dream it will be.


  • Pilar - oh my goodness i haven´t heard about that, that just breaks my heartReplyCancel

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