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too independent…

e had 2 dear friends in town for Easter weekend. It was so much fun! They are friends from VMI, so they’ve known us for awhile and were around when we had the twins. We were telling some stories over Easter dinner and one in particular stuck out. I had no idea what I was saying until Karsten pointed it out. Here’s the story I told:

The first time Alex and Avery had ever been to the beach was just a few months after their 2nd birthday. They were so different in personality. Avery hated just about everything. He hated the sand and he didn’t quite like the water. I think he was afraid of it because he clung to us with a fierce grip when we went swimming. Alex was the opposite. He loved digging in the sand, but the water was his favorite. We went to the bay side first. There really aren’t any waves there – just little ripples. He loved being in the water and didn’t want to get out. The only problem was that he was just a little too independent. He kept trying to push me away. The water was well over his head, but I was holding him and we were just swimming around. (It only came up to my waist … if that.) But, Alex wanted to do it on his own and he was very frustrated that I wouldn’t let go of him. I did once – just for a second, and my arms weren’t more than an inch away. It was just long enough for his head to start to go under before I grabbed him again. I was trying to show him while telling him that he needed me! He was going the drown without me holding him! He could not do it alone!

As I finished the story with a laugh, Karsten said, “wow – there’s an analogy there.” Then he looked at John and said, “You could use that in a sermon.” I immediately realized what I said. I had just given a perfect picture of us humans.

We think we can do life alone. We push God away and say that we want to do things our own way. But we can’t… we’ll drown – we need God’s arms holding us.

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