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Caffeinated Randomness: The end zone…

Okay, so I wasn’t going to post until we got our number – but yesterday I was soooo blessed to receive news about the top 100 … well, you know cause you can scroll down and read it! haha I’ve got to post again with a couple things on my mind! Plus, it’s Friday, which means caffeinated randomness with Andrea … so I’ve got to post! 😛 Also – mimi is having a great giveaway – you’ve got to check it out here! : )

First – please pray for me today! I am sooo excited/nervous! If anything at all is wrong on our paperwork then we have to fix it and wait yet another week for our number. So, we’re praying for NO mistakes and a number in the low 30’s please! : ) We won’t get the call until later today because we’re dealing with a 3 hour time difference. The agency’s on the west coast … and we’re on the east. So while I am begging the minutes to tick by just a little faster – they’re still asleep in their beds over in Oregon! **sigh**

Second, and most importantly, I heard the most wonderful thing the other day. I started exercising last weekend (yes I know it was on my goals list for January, but hey I got it in just before February passed so I’m not doing too bad!) Anyway, I am doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It’s a 20 minute super intense workout that you’re supposed to do everyday. I have been successful so far … 6 whole days! : ) So, while I’m watching the video on the first day Jillian is talking and motivating us. It’s right in the middle and I’m pretty tired already and she says, “Don’t give up on me – when it starts to hurt, that’s when it matters the most. That’s when change happens. Your body won’t change without stress.” So there I am in my living room doing static lunges with a bicep curl and my eyes are filling with tears and I’m about to bawl! In a moment I just heard that as God’s voice to me over the years. “Lauren, don’t give up. I know it hurts. But this is where growth is happening. This is a crucial time. This matters so much! You cannot change to be more like me unless you go through this suffering.” I have known this truth in my heart for quite some time. But, God reveals it to me in new ways that brings it back to life for me. I needed that reminder. I needed to hear it again. I am abundantly thankful to my Father for using something as crazy as a workout DVD to remind me that the pain and hardships I experience in this life are bringing me closer to him. They are making me more like Jesus. It reminds me of that scene in Facing the Giants – the football guy is doing a blind crawl to the 50 yard line, but makes it to the end zone. He can’t see anything – he has no idea how far he’s gone. For all he knows he would still be at the 20 yd line. But his coach is right there next to him yelling “don’t give up!! don’t you give up on me! I know you can do it! I want all you’ve got!” When the kid finally collapses in exhaustion with his face in the ground, his coach says, “look up — you’re in the end zone!” I bawl my eyes out through that whole scene. It’s such a perfect picture of life in this world. It’s hard! But God is right there coaching us through – wanting all of us – until we make it to the end zone. I want to live my life in a way that pours out ALL of me for Christ. I want to give everything so that when I make it to the “end zone” I know I’ll hear my Coach say, “Well done, good and faithful servant…” Matthew 25:21

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