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A Must Read: Hate Me

I was updating my twitter today (yea, I know… I succumbed. But, I figure if I’ve got a blog and facebook … I might as well get twitter too!) anyway – I saw Victoria’s new tweet that linked to Exemplify’s Devotional channel and mentioned that every woman should read that post. I went and read … and wow. She’s right! Kelli wrote the most amazing post titled Hate Me. I strongly encourage you to go check it out. At the end of her post she leaves us this encouragement…

“As Christians we need to first believe this message ourselves. To take it in to the marrow of our bones. And then we must go out into the broken, messed up world and tell others the Good News. To offer hope to the hopeless. Love to the unlovable. And light to the darkness.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel a mix of both conviction and motivation. Read her whole post. This was me … not specifically to my mother – but with my Heavenly Father. I came to Christ as a very messed up, scarred, and unstable 20 year old. I had made so many mistakes that I was sure it was just too late. I didn’t know how God could possibly love me, especially when I didn’t even like myself! But that’s the incredible part … He did love me! He didn’t let me get away either. Praise God that I am a completely new person!

Now comes the hard part. Witnessing. Being a light to the world and sharing what God did in my life … which means He can do it to yours, and hers, and his! But, that means sharing who I was before – and that’s hard. I don’t want to share that part with anyone. It’s necessary, though, because without that messy part others just can’t believe that God would love them too. They need to know they’re not the only ones who have sinned.

Pray for my weak heart. Pray that I would have the courage to openly share just how much Christ changed me. Go read Kelli’s post – and see what God tells you through it.

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