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WFW: Whiter than snow…

One of the downsides of moving south has been the lack of snow this winter. I hate the cold, but I love the way a fresh new blanket of white snow looks out my window (the key here is that I am inside – warm and cozy). Well, they are predicting a 50% chance of snow here tomorrow and I AM HOPING THAT WE GET SOME!
On a more spiritual note — I love this verse! It tells me that I am not hopeless, and that no matter how much my heart has been dirtied with sin … I can still be made clean. God can wash away all our sin … every stain and spot! It’s not just a one time fix either – I need to find myself at the foot of the throne daily (sometimes multiple times in one day) for a new cleaning session. But, that’s okay. God knows that and He delights in giving my heart a much needed scrubbing!
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