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29 years ago…

29 years ago my other half was brought into this world! I am so thankful to God for having his hand on my husband’s birth. He was very premature … a tiny little bean, but was surprisingly healthy! His mother, Helen, nearly died in the days following John’s birth, and had to stay in the hospital for quite awhile after John went home. The Lord healed Helen, too — even with the doctor’s grave prognosis. We’re so thankful that God spared both their lives, and I am so thankful to Helen for going through all she did to give birth to John. God is good, and He has a huge plan for my wonderful husband. I believe that his life was spared at birth so that others might come to know Jesus through John’s witness.

Happy 29th Birthday John … you are the love of my life!!
Here is a sampling of just two of the many lives he’s touched for the glory of God…
yes – that’s me in the last picture … my husband was the main influence in my decision for Christ just a few months after I met him. : )

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