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WFW: Casting our crowns..

I love this verse and all that it implies. I like to read it over when my pride starts to well up in me. I hate pride – it’s so frustrating how I let it get the better of me sometimes. But, God makes it so clear – we do nothing in our own strength. If we have succeeded at anything at all we owe it all to Christ. Anything we have is because of Him. If we’re good at sports it isn’t because we’ve worked hard at pratice – it’s because God created us with strong muscles and good coordination. If we do well in school it’s because of the brain God carefully put together while he knit us in our mother’s womb. Any financial success is a blessing from the Lord and can be taken away in a second. All we have is because of Him. All we’ve earned belongs to Him. So, when I get to heaven I will join with all the rest in falling to my knees in awe and gratitude and laying myself at His feet.

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