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And if you haven’t already guessed….

That’s right … we’re adopting!!

God has been so good to us and we have been called to share our blessings with a sweet baby boy from Ethiopia. It’s a rather long story and I will share it bit by bit over the next few weeks. But for now I just want to express how overwhelmed we are with the vastness of God’s plan for our lives. He is so faithful to fulfill His promises and we are trusting Him every step of the way.

So here’s where we are:

We’ve been officially and formally approved by our awesome agency and are moving forward “full steam ahead!!” : ) We have a conference call with our amazing agency All God’s Children International today. We are setting up our home study – there will be three parts. Then we fill out a mountain of paperwork called a “Dossier” while we complete the required education. Once our home study is approved we will submit that, along with our Dossier to our agency and then we will receive a number on the wait list. Once we’re at the top of the list we receive a referral. We can either accept or decline the referral (but do not anticipate ever declining!) and then we have 2-4 months before we fly to Africa to pick up our son. The whole process will (hopefully) take about a year. We’re so excited and are eagerly looking forward to see how God is going to provide in this new and exciting time in our lives!

Please pray for us and spread the word! We need all the prayer and support we can get! If you are interested in assisting us financially you can donate as you feel led by clicking the donate button from PayPal in the side bar. Every cent will go toward bringing our sweetness home! Stay tuned for some awesome fundraising give-aways and more thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing on this journey! And please … don’t forget to pray for us – and especially for our son who God is knitting together for us! : )

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