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Our Treasures

Our pastor told a story in church yesterday morning that has stayed with me. I am a very visual person – so I love word pictures. I don’t know if this is a true story or if it’s a legend, but the message remains profound.

Apparently Islam is vehemently against idols. I confess I don’t know a whole lot about the Islamic faith, but I do know it is monotheistic. Moving on … Mohammad made it a goal to get rid of all the false idols in his region. He travelled by foot to different communities and his helpers would tear down the idols the citizens had built. When he arrived in one city his helpers tore down all but one of the idols. The people came out to plead with Mohammad not to tear down this idol as it was desperately important to them. Mohammad was almost won over by their extreme desire to keep the idol, but in the end said no. His helpers began to smash it with their mallets and as it broke jewels and treasures began to spill out of it. The people had been keeping all their treasures inside that last, big idol.

After sharing this story, Pastor Dave pointed out that sometimes that last idol in our lives that we’re so hesitant to tear down and allow God to be Lord of all … is the one that holds our treasures. I found this concept to be true in my own life. Most of you have read about my struggle with infertility. It was extremely difficult to come to the place where I was willing to give up my desire for children. It was hard for me to place that on God’s altar and say to Him, “whatever you want Lord.” I believe that part of the reason for that difficulty was that it held my treasures. My desire for children held all my hopes and dreams. It held my plans for the future and my hope for future joys. It held the dream I always had for myself. It was exceedingly painful to let go of all of that.

God rewarded my obedience with peace and contentment in Him. Jesus became my greatest treasure. He became my hopes and dreams and future plans. He was able to come in and fill that place to the brim … even to the point of overflowing!

“Hold everything in your hands lightly; otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open.”
Corrie Ten Boom


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