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MM&M: wedding!

This is the last week of Rachel’s carnival for me … I’ve written about our meeting, the proposal, and today is the WEDDING!:)I love to talk about my husband, though, so I know there will be many future posts all about how wonderful he is!

I think it is so wonderfully fitting that I should write about our wedding today because we are going to celebrate our anniversary in 10 days! It was about this time four years ago that I was in a flurry of planning and taking care of last minute details. The day before our wedding I was about to fall apart. The week had been extremely stressful as I tried to tie up all the loose ends as well as take my final exams. That Friday I went to pick up the tuxes for all the groomsmen and John and when I got there we were one short. I informed the salesman that we had ordered 5 tuxes and he got back to me with “well, one of the groomsmen never paid so we didn’t order his tux.” I wanted to scream! Why didn’t they call us to tell us they needed his payment? Why on earth didn’t he pay for his tux?? The other part about this that bothered me was that this particular person had just had his wedding 4 weeks earlier. John was a groomsman in his wedding and you better believe he paid for his rental!! So, in total frustration I took the 4 tuxes, drove to my in-laws, and told John what happened. The rehearsal was only in a couple hours and I was panicking! John calmly informed me that if groomsman x didn’t have a tux then he wouldn’t be in the wedding and could attend as a guest. When he showed up at the rehearsal I was all ready to flip out and John (calmly) went to ask him why he didn’t pay for his tux. The answer was thankfully not a crisis: he had simply ordered his own from the branch in his area and he had his tux with him. WHEW!

After this experience I decided that it would do no good to get all upset when things went wrong or didn’t work out as perfectly as I had envisioned. At the end of the day I would still be Mrs. John Casper and that was all that really mattered. With this new resolve I had a fun time at the rehearsal and dinner. This came in handy the next day when the florist called to tell me that they were not going to deliver the flowers to the church. I resonded that I could care less whether or not I had flowers! I don’t know who is responsible … but the flowers were there when I got to the church that afternoon!:)

Saturday morning came and I was wide awake by 6am! I was SO excited I couldn’t stand it … how on earth was I going to wait until 4:30pm to get married! I met my bridesmaids at the nail salon and we all had our fingers and toes done. Then it was off to the hair salon where an awesome young lady made me feel gorgeous. We all got dressed at the church and I remember feeling a bit like a little girl playing dress up! We waited in a preschool classroom and played hangman until it was time to walk down the aisle. I got so excited as we lined up that I started to hyperventilate! I could not catch my breath!! My sister was fanning me and my Dad was trying to reason with me! Haha I got it together and made it to the entrance where I started to cry tears of joy…

I don’t know how to describe the ceremony other than to say that it was more amazing than I could have ever dreamed possible! Our awesome Chaplain Park did our wedding and it could not have been in better hands! It was a completely emotional experience as I cried during almost the whole thing. John cried just about the whole time, too. We were overwhelmed with love for each other and love for God. His presence was so evident through each moment of the day and I still remember it as the best day of my life. The ceremony had a few light moments… like when my veil started slipping and John had to fix it for me, or when the flower girl ran straight for her mommy, when Chap told a hilarious (slightly embarrassing) story about us, and a few other little things. It felt so incredible to walk back down the aisle holding John’s hand knowing that I belonged to him forever!

The reception was fantastically fun and at an Officer’s Club at the beach! We had a blast celebrating with dearly loved family and friends.

July 30, 2005 is definitely the best day ever … as you can see…

the kiss

so in love

off to start our new life together …

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