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WFW: Genesis 2:16-17

Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat.
Genesis 2:16-17

As I read over this verse last night I felt convicted. We are so quick to blame Eve for all of our problems today and think “If only she hadn’t eaten that apple we’d be fine… I sure wouldn’t have eaten it!” But I wonder if that is true. How many times a day do we eat the forbidden fruit? Let that fruit represent the sin in your life… it’s frightening.
Is there something that you just can’t let go of, even though you know it’s not what God wants for you? Are you savoring that fruit? Is there a specific sin that you repent of, but you keep returning to it time and again … only to repeat the cycle of repentance? Are you returning to that tree day after day?
I really don’t think we are much better than Eve. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I would have lasted as long as she did in that garden. It is my prayer that I would take an honest look at my own heart in light of God’s holiness. Let’s not compare ourselves to others and their sin … there’s always someone worse than you (but there’s also always someone better than you too!)
As we meditate on this verse let’s ask God to reveal the forbidden fruit in our lives. Then let’s repent and turn away from the tree and follow hard after God!

May everyone be so blessed today and bask in Christ’s forgiveness and love!

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