Lauren Casper »

Magnificent Art

Waiting is the hardest part
as I hope this lump of clay
is turned to a piece of art

Trusting in the Potters hands
to skillfully mold me
according to His plans

Not knowing what I will be
when my master is finished
molding and shaping me

But I believe with all my heart
that He’s making this life
into magnificent art…
~Lauren Casper
It is my prayer that you will all keep the faith and remain steadfast in the Lord know that He has a plan for your life. He is molding and shaping you into the masterpiece that He has envisioned for you. Will you let him? As painful as it may be … it is worth it, for we could never come up with anything as gloriously beautiful as God does!  
Also, Beth Moore is hosting a memory verse activity here … my verses for this month are Psalm 112: 6-8  “Surely he will never be shaken; a righteous man will be remembered forever. He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. His heart is secure, he will have no fear; in the end he will look in triumph on his enemies.”  Please join in and see what God has in store for you! 

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